William Evans Photography | Jared and Amelia Preston Court Wedding
Jared and Amelia, Wedding photography, Preston Court, Kent
Wedding photography, Preston Court, Canterbury, Kent, Wedding Photographer
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Jared and Amelia Preston Court

About This Project

Jared and Amelia at Preston Court   8th October 2016

I met Jared and Amelia for the first time back in June when I did their engagement shoot. I instantly knew that this was going to be an amazing wedding. We had a very relaxed and fun morning at the beach, discussing all of their exciting plans for the special day.

I arrived on the morning of the wedding to the beautiful village of Sandwich, where I met Amelia, her mother and all seven bridesmaids. The house was alive with activity and colorful decorations. I was overwhelmed by the friendly and relaxed atmosphere which made taking the pictures a breeze.

I then moved on to the Salutation where I met the boys who were unsurprisingly running late after a big night out. As I arrived they were tucking into a full English breakfast with lots of laughter. Following this we moved upstairs and began getting ready.

Preston Court is a venue that I know particularly well and it never ceases to amaze me how seamless it is. With the exciting new arrival of the ‘Gigglebox’.  This certainly made for some great laughs after a few drinks.

As expected the day went exceptionally well and everyone had a wonderful time. I was slightly restricted by the weather, however, I had my portable smoke machine at the ready for my final dramatic carousel shot.

I would like to thank everyone for such a fun and enjoyable day. It was the perfect end to my season of weddings. Can’t wait for 2017.

Wishing Jared and Amelia all the best for the future.